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Integrative Health Coaching – Reach Within

  • Pyramid Crystal Healing (Law of One, RA)

    • For Initiation, purification & Self-Healing as per the Law of One (RA)

    • Both Seeker of Healing and Co-Healer & Energy Guide are inside a large Pyramid (Height: 8′-0″, Nubian) working together with source energies
    • Crystals are Used by the Seeker and Energy Guide following methods outlined by RA in the Law of One channelings

    • Chakra based blocks of the Seeker are removed by the two in the large Pyramid, the power of knowledge and consciousness
  • Sound Therapy Assists the opening of Chakras of the Seeker of Healing and flow of energy

  • Sonified PEMF Therapy, (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is used directly and locally, mirroring the Sound Theraputic soundscapes
  •  The Pyramid amplifies the subtle energy outputs of the PEMF Coil

  • Integrative Health Coaching by the self, for the self with Campbell D. Foster, Energy Guide, BFA, IHC, PHS, APM.

‘The purposes of the pyramids were two: firstly, to have a properly-oriented place of Initiation for those who wished to become purified or initiated channels for the Law of One.

Two, We wished then to carefully guide the Initiates in developing a healing of the people whom they sought to aid, and of the planet itself.’ ~ RA, The Law of One


Advancements in: Health & Vitality, Enlightenment, Meditation, Longevity, Psychic Powers, Life, body, mind, and spirit elevating.



Pyramid Crystal Healing is a complimentary alternative medicine based on self-healing techniques as outlined in the Law of One (Ra) channelings.

Fig. 1. ‘RA’ in a Hieroglyphic image showing a hybridized birds head on a blue human body. Speculated as an ancient incarnation of the RA social complex which delivered the ‘LAW OF ONE’ texts and Pyramids. Avail. at URL:

Connect within the enhanced bio-cosmic energy streaming within the Pyramidion, creating a giga sized portal to and from the field of unlimited universal consciousness and Being of the Seeker, enlivening them in mind, body, and spirit.

Intensified levels of zero-point chi energy, flowing like a vortex through the Pyramidion, connects both entities to the infinite ocean of pure spiritual energy (Oneness, becoming) brings the higher probability of removing negative blocks and programming as revealed by the Seekers chakras (and chosen crystals), and Energy Guides crystals energy dowsing.

According to RA (Law of One), working in a pyramidal shape allows for the automatic disruption or interruption of the violet / red armoring of the energetic protection shell.

Secondly, in the spiral vortexes of life energy isthe entities’ bio-field and the chakra system, thus allowing the Energy Guide (Crystallized being) focused with the crystal to bring appropriate adjustments to the Seekers bio-energy fields enhanced by the Pyramids flowing vortexes of life energy.

The effect of these increased natural bio-cosmic and photonic fields flowing upward through the Seeker through the Pyramids’ sacred geometric shape, and radiating from the golden centre of the pyramid (the sacred geometric centre of the shape). The pyramid (and Seeker, and crystal) are resonator machines of the omnipotent ocean of bio-cosmic energy.

The Pyramid can be likened to “metaphysical training wheels”, and “Enlivening the body like your electricity” (The Law of One, RA)

The healer is only the catalyst, … .

The healing working is congruent in that it is a form of channeling some distortion of the intelligent infinity.
~ RA, The Law of One

Add all the multifaceted health benefits, anti-aging, reduction of EMF and RF pollution of the glorious Pyramid energy, chi energy, a healing and becoming force of intelligent infinity for improvements in all issues and conditions, with evolutive, consciousness and frequency raising good health effects.


Gentle invisible vibrations of ElectroMagnetic fields within and around the body using frequency specific EM waves generated by a sine tone generator, power amplifier, and transducer Coils. Add voice analysis and a library of custom frequencies, a powerful amplifier, and coil, are used (AmpCoil v2, with Better Guide software and voice analysis).   The safest, most effective, beneficial, and harmless alternative vibrational medicine treatment yet for 2020.

We also use a number of custom PEMF devices and Coils applied locally and aided by the Pyramid driven by sine frequency or sonified PEMF audio theraputic soundscapes. From small amounts (uTeslas) to multiple Gauss generating rTMS systems all designed and built in-house. The Pyramid amplifies the natural bio-cosmic energies from the Coils output at its golden centre.

We use Sawtooth, Sine, & Sonified PEMF Audio of specific frequencies as inputs to amplify and drive our custom Coil transducers.


Foundationally based on Meditation, Pyramid Energy, Sound Therapy, PEMF, and the Law of One (RA) Pyramid Crystal Healing techniques.

As Energy Guide & Co-healer i assist to activate self-healing and ultra-peak performance highest self-oneness experience in an integrative way of the Seekers complete self: spirit, mind, and body to their relative perfection.

Through the immersive bio-cosmic energy benefits and transformations with power of knowledge and the consciousness within Integrative Health guidance, best practices, and enlightening sessions, deferring to source field cosmic intelligence and knowledge to transform and elevate as an Energy Guide and co-healer as per the Law of One (RA).

Sound Therapeutic Soundscapes, Binaural Beats, and Brain Frequency Entrainment Pieces

Sound theraputic audio soundscapes (full range), Sonified PEMF (Local), with Color meditation are delivered for each chakra of the Seeker, are delivered to the body mind and spirit by instrument intention in performance, deep full range speakers, and stereo PEMF as an EMF analog output of the Audio Soundscape beamed directly into the body as Sonified PEMF for theraputic entrainment effects.

Brain entrainment soundscapes align and tune the mind and body with hemi-sync and harmonic binaural beat syncronization between the brain spheres for all 6 brain frequency states and even EPSILON State frequency: 2,877.3 Hz for future and past viewing.

BETA, ALPHA, THETA, DELTA, GAMMA, & EPSILON are the brain frequency performance states which are accessed, entrained, and tuned and re-programmed with the synthesized audio theraputic soundscapes, and Electromagnetic Sonified PEMF coupling dual zero points in harmony, integration, and amplification / broadcast of effect of the Pyramid or Pyramid Complex in the resonant amplification of bio cosmic life energy for Seekers.


High quality (1 to 8 nm), High concentration (50 ppm), Colloidal Silver, ELECTRUM (Silver & Gold), Zinc, Copper, Platinum & Palladium (P-P).  Starting at $40 CAD. Contact to order.

250 ml (8 oz.), 500 ml (16 oz.) 1/2 Litre, Magnetic Vortex stirring.
Contact us for wholesale internet pricing and ordering online.

Age Regression, for longer life

Light Therapy, PEMF & Pyramid Energy therapy, Sound therapy, Wolfe deep tissue technique.

Pineal 3rd Eye Clearing & Kit

Frequency specific vibrational soundscape and PEMF sonification clearing, Cleanse Kit and clearing notes. Begins and ends with tests of psychic acuity for authentication.

QI GONG (Ba Duan Jin)

Learn Qi Gong, ‘Ba Duan Jin’ an ancient set of 8 Shaolin Qi cultivation exercises for martial, medical, and spiritual advancements, producing significant positive health effects.

Single class cost $30 or course of 8 classes in Qi Gong for $240 CAD. Taught by Campbell D. Foster, Energy Guide, Integrative Health Coach, PHS, APM.

Learn more: “Ba Duan Jin”, Venerable Shi Guolin, (Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters) available at URL:


  • Discovery Session (1/2 hour) n/c (first meeting of discovery)
  • PYRAMID CRYSTAL HEALING Session (1 hour) $Negotiable inside the Nubian Pyramidion with crystals for the Seeker of Health, with Energy Guide (Campbell Foster)
  • REMOTE PYRAMID CRYSTAL HEALING Session (as above, 1 hour) Negotiable

    By Skype / phone / internet / aethernet


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