What are the qualities of good integrative life coach?

A good coach is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient, and a clear communicator. ‘Integrative’ means attending to all aspects of the client including their energetic inner life.

Life Coaching – Earth Star Chakra 68.05 Hz

They will work with you ‘shoulder to shoulder’ to help you realize your goals, and keep you on track, always maintaining your sovereignty and equality with coaching.


Issues – Methods

Energy Blocks – Locate the blocked chakras with dowsing noting the events and mindset which created those blocks. Use sound therapy to resonate and flow those energies for greater vitality. Pyramid Meditation (Immersive) will increase the bodies Pranic and Qi energies and allow change.

Goal Selection – What is my best goal? Using meditation and Life coaching we get to the heart of your goals and Life Coach you together to rally their achievement. A Rational dialog and Immersive Pyramid meditation will help.

ZOOM Confusion – Online life coaching and software instruction in a 4 part course will increase your knowledge and confidence in front of the camera and the use of ZOOM. No more camera shyness with knowledge and practice.

Lack of Self-esteem – Understanding where your self-esteem comes from and a good Life coach will help you increase self-esteem for better life experiences.

Fears and Anxiety – Powerful affirmations and coaching support can help eliminate both.

Social Changes – Adapt to the new radical changes in society with Life and Health coaching.

Physical Pain – Sound therapy and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is know to help alleviate pain in the body, and promote healing.

Poor Health – As an Integrative health coach, we can determine your poor health areas with voice analysis, and health coaching, restoring you to a more vibrant health and healthy thinking habits. Colloidal silver and gold can help your immune system regain its miraculous healing powers.

New clients get a free 30 minutes consultation to determine if we would like to work together.


With my years of experience, studies, breakthroughs, and working with people, I can provide life changing sessions using these alternative therapeutic modalities together:

  • Inner Coaching – Transformative changes to your thinking and Consciousness
  • Life Coaching – It’s your life, let me help you make the best of it
  • Health Coaching – ‘Integrative’ deals with all aspects of you
  • Meditation – Connect with your power of wisdom and peace
  • Soundscape Therapeutics – Frequency and Intention bring healing
  • Pyramid Meditation (Immersive) – We defer to SOURCE guidance and your BEING
  • PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapeutics is safe
  • Colloidal Silver, Gold, & ELECTRUM – Naturally Boost Immunity

I help you to achieve your best Goals and eliminate anything consciously and sub-consciously holding you back from achieving that next level of success in Life.

All potential clients include 1/2 hour FREE Discovery meeting by phone or Zoom.


Sessions NameHours TotalSessions TotalCost
Discovery1/2 hN/aFree
Low cost1 h1Negotiable or Barter
Regular1 h1$120.00
Zoom Coaching4 h4$240.00
One Month4 h4$350.00
5 Weeks5 h5$450.00
1.5 Months6 h6$520.00
2 Months8 h8$720.00
  • Remuneration is pre-paid via E-transfer via email for sessions.


Please email me describing your Goal or Issue we can work on together! In our first Discovery session we determine if Life Coaching can help in your achieving a better life.

Lets set up a call and time to chat:

Use this contact form at URL:

or by email: Campbell D. Foster <cam (dot) fos (at) live (dot) com>.

YOU and I can make it happen: your higher levels!


Online on Zoom would be the most convenient for us. Come to my healing dojo for full sessions which include direct sound therapy, Pyramid meditation (immersive), and PEMF (Ampcoil).

Take the first step to achieving your goals in anew and improved life. Contact me via email, text, or phone.


Campbell D. Foster is an Integrative Health Coach, Life Coach, Sound Therapist, inner Coach, Practitioner of Humanitarian Medicine, Inventor, Composer, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Canadian Sonological Researcher.

We will work together to become your best self, heal yourself, change your beliefs and thinking, experience Sound Therapy, Pyramid Meditation, PEMF Treatments. Health treatments.

Campbell D. Foster

I can coach you to realize your achievements, and a healthier better life for yourself or your group. Contact me today in Discovery phase.

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