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Now is the time to proliferate your music

Campbell Foster is a Canadian Sonological Researcher, Sound Therapist, composer, performer, Inventor, and host of a weekly online Healing Circle.

Gentle live soundscapes unite and guide the small the online group in meditation and intention for their own, Humanities, and Earths evolution.

Inventor of two sound therapeutic instruments and a new method of sound synthesis (Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis) combining the feedback of Jimi Hendrix and the aleatoric approach of John Cage.

Campbell studied with Ann Southam (Canadas premiere female new music composer), and received combined degrees in Electronic Music and Computer Science, Violoncello, and guitar.

Recording and Broadcast Studio of Campbell D. Foster 2023

Spending years performing and touring as a guitarist, vocalist, and engineer, Campbell has come home with his own recording and broadcast studio.

Now available for online live sound therapeutic meditation performances, Campbell seeks to proliferate the music for the good of all with frequency specific soundscapes and music, recordings, and concerts for you.

Contact the artist here for inquiries, bookings, collaborations, and your own live online meditative sound therapeutic concert for your online event and group, raising the consciousness, and evolution for you, your group, humanity, and all.

Album Release PPT for “Think Beautiful Thoughts” 23 July 2023

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