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Vibrational Medicine for Health & Ascension

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.” – Edgar Cayce

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” – Albert Einstein

Frequency Wheel
Frequency Wheel and Effects

ound Therapy, PEMF, Light Therapy, Energy work, Pyramids, Crystals, Voice Analysis, Self-healing, Qi Gong, and Meditation are some of the most powerful tools in vibrational and alternative medicine today. Your healing and ascension; mental, physical, and spiritual well being will rise to the highest levels, safely and effectively.

These fail safe modalities were only once available in the ancient world, and in our future in the coming golden age. Today, alternative and natural health services are now becoming more available to all people.

Combining the above modalities, integrative health coaching, life coaching, spiritual counselling, and peak performance, helps you rise up to towards your greatest potential of health, enlightenment, and an advantaged life full of peace, freedom, joy, knowledge, and the love of Creation (Nature) radiating from within.

Pyramid Crystal Light Therapy

Today’s world can fill you with anxiety, fear, illness, isolation, destructive thinking and beliefs, bringing sickness to your body, and mind. My total approach to self-healing and peak performance addresses all aspects of the human condition for your transformation to the highest potential.

(Image left shows an early Pyramid & Light Meditation Setup)

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About Your Practitioner and Coach Campbell D. Foster

Campbell Foster w Guitar 2019

After a life crash and devastation 20 years ago, Campbell rebuilt his life and health to profound levels. Revising his life and music career into health, he studied Sound Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Color therapy, PEMF therapy, developed two sound therapy instruments, a new method of sound synthesis, worked on the AmpCoil PEMF device, achieved accreditation as an Integrative Health Coach, and Practitioner of Humanitarian Medicine.

Campbell started a company and practice ‘PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids’ to raise the consciousness and health of people based on the original Law of One (RA) directives. He produces colloidal Silver, Electrum, Pyramid and Sound Meditation events and sessions for a close group of seekers.

Campbell discovered methods to deliver PEMF and sound therapies over the internet using Sonification and light. The PEMF ‘Brain Reboot’ entrainment can eliminate and highlight a lot of negative mental programming which doesn’t fit the ideal you.

In these dire times, there is more urgency and need than ever before to deliver this to people seeking health, ascension, and their highest development; a life of peace, health, harmony, and joy.

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