Silver Waters

Health in Silver Colloidal Waters

Our finest pure Silver water, high potency (> 50 PPM), high quality (1 – 10 nm particle size, 99.99% pure), R.O. water base, wholesale price, 500 mL (16 oz), amber bottle and pro cap.

We have stock in our Pyramidion Emporium shop, and ship via Canada Post, or pickup in North York, ON, Canada.

SILVER Colloidal – 500 mL (16 oz) lg, > 50 PPM, 1 to 10 nm item in Pyramidion Emporium, available at URL:

More research proof about colloidal Silvers’ astounding health effects and efficacy (I can make no claims but here are the Papers:

1. How it works,

2. Colloidal Silver research papers:

3. “The Truth about Silver”,

4. “Silver Nanoparticles …”,

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