Integrative Health – A New Approach to Healing your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Toronto, ON: New breakthroughs in Sound, Light, PEMF, and Sacred Geometry from our Labs have produced some miraculous benefits for seekers of higher consciousness and Integrative Health.

These vibrational and energy therapies are safe and effective, non-invasive, and drug free which,

  • Activates your self-healing powers to overcome any impediments to health and life
  • Increases voltage and natural energies in the body to their perfect states
  • Creates inner harmony and homeostasis helps to eliminate dis-ease and elevate your mind, body, and spirit
  • Reduces and eliminate pain in the body and the mind, resolving negative karmic energies
  • Universal intelligence advises you within for your evolutive advantages and benefits
  • Increases energy, psychic abilities, intuition, and consciousness for peak performance
  • Breaks through automatic limitations from the subconsious mind, succeeding with the power of knowledge and your true inner self


In a quiet sanctuary, a ‘Seeker’ and an ‘Energy Guide’ sit meditating within a large copper pyramid.

  • A deep blue light bathes the Seeker with specific coloured light frequencies
  • A flowing selected soundscape resonates through all aspects of the persons within the pyramid
  • You are guided through a meditative consciousness expanding and self-healing journey

Working together with; meditation, pyramids, crystals, aromatherapy, colored light, PEMF, Energy work and Qi Gong, to achieve success in your life, health and well being.

You resolve current and past issues by re-connecting to your whole, complete, joyous, powerful, and true omnipresent self within.


I feel great! It’s working” – Narius, after receiving a Chakra Clearing Sound and Light Treatment.

“It feels like Heaven … love, peace, protection, and healing all in one place. I feel so safe in it … like when I’m with a puppy. In short… I’m in love.” – Mikkallia on being in her CHEOPS Pyramidion.


Reserve your free 1/2 hour trial session and needs discovery in our healing Dojo in North York, Ontario. Add 1/2 hour for $60 CAD and get an initial 50% off your first session. Or join our Group Session events

We also supply: Pyramid Kits large and small, rTMS, Teslatron treatments, colloidal minerals (Silver, Gold, Copper) and Electrum, also found in the worlds finest healing springs (water containing Silver and Gold 1 to 10 nm particles).

To book please text / call Campbell at 647-920-7891 or email:

Your Energy Guide and Integrative Health Coach / Instructor is Campbell D. Foster, IHC, BFA, PMBOK.