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Wonderplugin Audio Player:

1. This page is for HQ (High Quality) Stereo Audio streaming!

2. This stereo 128 kbps HQ stream is best heard using over hear headphones for maximum Binaural Beats entrainment effects and high audio fidelity.

3. Stereo full range speakers set to at medium low volume will also
be adequate to deliver binaural stereo effects in full fidelity. ~ Campbell

4. If you are using Chrome Browser and see a blank puzzle piece where the player should be, then you have to enable Flash in Chrome.

a) In Chrome: goto

b) Scroll down and find Flash.

c) Turn ‘Ask First’ toggle to ON.

d) Return to hqaudio page and click on the puzzle piece (flash)

e) Elash will ask you to run plugin -> click “YES”

External Players Links:

Winamp, iTunes
Windows Media Player
Real Player
Web Proxy

Enjoy your content.

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