Canadian Sonological Researcher Campbell Foster is a sound therapist & Light therapist, Integrative Health Coach, sound researcher, composer, performer, interactive systems designer, PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids founder, educator and inventor of the Electro-acoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone, and CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE cymatic interactive instruments and exhibits.

Canadian Sonological Researcher, Sound Therapist, Light Therapist, Interactive Health Coach, Interaction Designer, Composer, Performer, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur

Campbell studied Electronic Music with Anne Southam at the RCMT in 1975, and at York University to earn a special honors degree in Electronic Music, Composition and Computer Science.

Campbell was Music Director of Computer Music Research for Canada’s own Mcleyvier CMI (1982-86). Campbell’s Sonological Research Directive is to discover and research the methods, aesthetics and results of Electro-acoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis.

Lead PEMF / AUDIO Tester

Company Name: AmpCoil, LocationCalifornia, Toronto

Validation of PEMF outputs to safety standards, and Research & Development of multi-pole Filters for optimal PEMF power transfer to the body. Custom Hall probe development, Agile Project Management, Sonification of PEMF coil outputs, PEMF microphone development and complex sonified data analysis in the Audio realm (Spectrogram, Waveform, Frequency response charting, real-time analysis). Data Sonification meter development indicating PEMF signals with Sound and Light.

Awarded: Integrative Health Coach by BOIM, and Practitioner of Humanitarian Services by WONM, 2019

… To interactively research and deliver and impart the Sonological Research concepts, methods, health techniques and discoveries of Feedback Synthesis through a ‘Research Blog RS5.3 http://campbellfoster.ca, sound & media works, field instrument installations, exhibits, lectures, and performances for the scientific, and aesthetic communities.

Todays Piece is “CHAKRA LADDER III”, a sound and light bath concert using theraputic live sounds and sonified Light to assist in the opening and alignment of the Chakra System of the human body.

#Sound #Light #Bath GREEN Heart Chakra Alignment 2020 12 12 21 06 09 –

BLUE THROAT CHAKRA Cf 2020 #Freedom #Earth #Peace