New Spring Tuneup Health

Hello Seekers of health and ascension:

Our spring tuneup intro session is
still available for the rest of March. Here are some benefits..

  • Integrative Health Coaching can
    skyrocket your life into more peace, fulfillment, and success in all
  • Pyramid Meditation and Crystal
    Healing (Law of One), gives powerful access to cosmic knowledge and
    your self-healing powers easily accessed
  • We meditate inside a large
    Pyramidion – a portal access to universal omnipresent
    consciousness to help you solve all your problems with the power of
    knowledge and great quantities of natural life energy – a spray
    and wash for your Chakras
  • Increase psychic abilities,
    unblock chakra energies, banish all negative belief fetters, break
    those chains and experience the truth of your innate power
  • Connect with your inner compass
    for a foolproof life of truth, power, and total health
  • Sound Therapy can touch your inner
    being, blast through subconscious ego beliefs, and unify your bodies
    energy and consciousness for peak integrative health
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
    Therapy) is a proven remover of Pain, entraining your body, mind,
    and spirit with microcurrent voltages to zoom your personal
    evolution – Voltage is Health!
  • Light Therapy is an ancient
    healing method, also completely safe, and activates your mood and
    health from an energetic (quantum) level up to anti-aging effects
  • Try our ELECTRUM waters, found in
    the worlds most powerful healing springs, Electrum Water –
    for ‘Immortality’!
  • Combine all these integrative
    therapies to supercharge your body, consciousness, spirit,
    releaseing your super powers at your command

Text or call Campbell at 647-920-7891,
or contact me via email <>
and book a free 1/2 hour session, extend that to a full hour for $60.
North York Labs and residences.