“Sunshine and Pyramids! Oooh yeah” – Sunshine David, Energy Healer

PYRAMIDION Life Energy Treatment Individual – Video Testimonial
SunshineD Testimonial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIak_pofGaA

Pyramid Life Energy Treatment for the individual. The ‘Seeker’ is inside the Pyramidion experiencing the very high levels of Bio-energy (Life Energy, Qi) focused by the pyramid for healing, meditation, and enlightenment.

Sandy Kellerman, 13 Nov. Pyramidion Group Meditation

I meditate regularly and derive great benefit from it. I decided to give Pyramidion a try and I took part in an evening of full moon meditation with a group of 16 people. It was strange and exciting. Campbell brought us through a lovely 45 minute guided meditation. Due to my regular practice, I can normally connect to sensations in my body fairly easily, but that night, I seemed to feel it more than usual. The sensations were incredibly relaxing and vibrant.

At times during my meditations images come to me, and at one point, I found myself imaging I was a tree, pulling into myself nutrients from the soil with my in-breath, and with my out-breath growing branches up and out from the crown of my head. I imagined the branches growing and growing outward with each breath and then found myself imagining I was turning into a Banyan tree. In keeping with the nature of the Banyan, I then pictured roots extending down from the branches, growing on down and joining with meditators around me; they themselves becoming trunks and an integral part of the growth of the tree. We were all connected.

Later on I researched the Banyan tree and discovered that it was known as the tree at which the Buddha meditated for seven days and where he became enlightened. It is also considered a sacred tree in India. I didn’t know any of this before the meditation. I am currently writing an epic fairytale novel, and will include the Banyan tree in the story.

~ Sandy Kellerman, Actor / Producer / Writer, IMDB www.imdb.com/name/nm0445824/


Jabeen Quest – Sustainability Eco Constultant, Spiritualist, Meditator

“It was a powerful, expansive experience. Thanks again for all of it!” – Jabeen Quest.

I just wanted to briefly share about my experience with the PYRAMIDION Life Energy Treatment, guided by Campbell. I had arrived feeling a bit frazzled, experiencing lots of ups and downs in the week prior to the treatment. I was feeling somewhat lost and confused about my future directions after making some big life changes. I had questions— lots of questions.

As soon as I sat down in the pyramid, I instantly started to feel calm and centered. I was instructed to set and intention and select an area of focus for the session. I could feel the energy pulsing through my vertical axis and all around me. All my senses seemed to be heightened.

Campbell took me through a guided meditation and then asked me to reflect on several questions. During the conversation, I felt rising and lowering energies corresponding to my thoughts and feelings. I experienced visions and received several key insights on some of the challenges I was dealing with and some that I wasn’t even thinking about!

I left the session feeling lighter, energized, with clarity and a new found sense of purpose and direction. It took me a few days to process what I had experienced and I had the most productive week, making progress on some of the issues that I had reflected on in the pyramid and feeling happier.

I highly recommend trying this out, if you’re interested in a whole new way to heal and direct your energies and intention for incredible positive results!

– Jabeen Quest – Sustainability Eco Constultant, Spiritualist, Yogi.   Sustainability Edge Solutions – sustainabilityedge.com.

Jeffrey Magee, Earth and Space Design

Jeffrey Magee, Earth and Space Design

Jeffrey Magee 14 November 17:39

A beautiful group portal to expansion and transformation ! Lets do that again !

Campbell has replicated the exact angles and proportions of the golden section sacred pyramids and adds effective magnets and or tesla coils to enhance these beautiful models.

Experiencing the frequency enhancing effects of a pyramid can be profound.

Heightened meditative and healing experience.

In one session I personally experienced a powerful angelic vision and healing, I travelled into the inner chambers of at least two different pyramids somewhere in time and space.

I was presented with keys of healing and ascension as requested and was presented with a view of a hand of a giant warrior guardian and the feminine hand of an angelic white light presence at my side.

Pyramids can be and are portals to enhancing ones consciousness and expanding dimensions of experience.

Where it can take you is up to you !

Sonia Pellerino, DivaBuddah, Holistic Dental Hygenist, Energy Healer

Sonia Pellerino, DivaBuddah, Holistic Dental Hygenist, Energy Healer

Namaste.  I had the an extraordinary experience ,while receiving a healing energy treatment in the pyramid. Time slowed down, I was able to see my energetic shield, allowing me to have a understanding of the veil between internal vs external world.

My mind was empty, entering into a Buddhist state of emptiness allowed for the experience to be with all. To feel fully present and connect to everything. The energy moved through like a serpent coil releasing stagnant, fragmented, unneeded particles of energy.

I felt whole, complete and unity. Was one long present moment. I experienced the sensation of enlightenment for a slower longer duration, that I haven’t been able to hold before in my regular meditation practice.

The pyramids help foster the energy slowing it down, (really remarkable). allowing for us to grasp the teachings of the laws of nature.

Thank you Campbell for following your divine mission, The universal council says thank you. Namaste.

– Sonia Pellerino, DivaBuddah, Holistic Dental Hygenist, Energy Healer