ELECTRUM – Silver & Gold Colloidal Waters for Wellness


Electrum water is a colloidal supplement with the synergistic combination of Silver and Gold now surpassing the formulations of the ancient alchemists who explored Electrum as an aid to immortality and the opening of higher dimensions.




Electrum water is a colloidal supplement with the synergistic combination of Silver and Gold now surpassing the formulations of the ancient alchemists who explored Electrum as an aid to immortality and the opening of higher dimensions.

The sacred Ayeurvedic healing springwaters of La Maná, Equadors most astounding feature on analysis are the spherical nanoparticles of gold and silver less than 10nm in size that are potent for health.

Gold Nanoparticles
As a true colloid, Electrum exists as spherical clusters of atoms called nanoparticles having a diameter from 1 to 10 nanometres (nm) and each carrying a high voltage called Zeta Potential.

Not only are these small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier but may also exhibit Quantum interactions with DNA, stem cells, telomeres, microtubules, Pineal and Consciousness. Electrum has anti-oxidant power for fighting free radicals which cause cancer and aging, and it may also boost immunity.

Active electrons and Quantum Energy stored in Electrum act as carriers of preventive and sacred healing potency to shield against the energetic causes of disease, malfunction and misfortune.

Silver inactivates parasites of the physical dimensions while gold inactivates parasites of the higher dimensions (entities, reptilian behavioural patterns, subtle energy AI) and activates the Pineal (the relay station for higher consciousness).

In our proprietary technology using large sheet electrodes of ultrapure gold and silver, atoms are liberated from the electrodes to combine synergistically in a magnetic vortex, with applied Rife, Solfeggio, Fibonacci and similar sacred frequencies, at the atomic level, into small clusters of electrically charged nanoparticles (colloid) suspended in pure structured water.

Each nanoparticle (1 to 10 nm size) carries an abundance of free electrons forming a powerful negative Zeta charge capable of zapping any microbe or parasite (like a laser beam). Electrum nanoparticles act as portals to radiate light visions and sound messages (at both physical and supernatural levels), vastly increasing the resonant characteristics of the energy centres (Chakras) of the human and animal body, especially the Pineal gland (transceiver of higher consciousness).

A body fueled by colloidal gold and/or colloidal silver water of optimal Quantum-active nanoparticle size (1 < 10 nanometres) experiences an extremely enhanced electrical conductivity and Quantum interconnectedness between the Chakra energy centres of the body of humans, animals, and plants. When the silver and gold are combined simultaneously to form Electrum the body undergoes a quantum shift upwards in its electrical and vibratory nature and more easily interacts with DNA.

Electrum gold and silver nanoparticles fully disperse through the body, turning it into gold and increasing its electrical, vibrational, fine fluidic charges, potentials, life bio-energies, and the protective qualities of the body are enhanced in their electroluminescence and biophoton communications.

The antibacterial effect is obtained by the silver’s reversal of the polarity of the hydrogen in the cells of the body from negative to positive. Positively charged water is a lethal environment for bacteria whose protective outer enzyme layers are further attacked by the increased electrical conductivity of the silver.

The precisely selective content of the La Maná water has been documented in several laboratories around the world; its most astounding feature being spherical nanoparticles of gold and silver less than 10nm in size that are potent agents

The Sacred Ayurvedic Waters of the La Maná springs still resonate an intense energy that has been the focus of thorough international investigation.

Electrum Coin Electrum metal was used as an early coin metal and currency, usually found in stream beds, its natural silver and gold metal deposits were formed into coins.

Electrum was used in the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, sometimes as an exterior coating to the pyramidions atop pyramids and obelisks for the purpose of focussing higher dimensional energy.

Electrum Water 4 Oz bottle blue
Enhances meditation, intelligence, memory, libido, psychic abilities, Creativity, Energy and Well Being, Hand-Eye Coordination, Meditation, Memory, Mental Acuity, Mental Focus
Reduces brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, anxiety, depression.
Pain, inflammation radically reduced.
Presence of gold enhances the anti-microbial potency of Silver, especially against difficult organisms such as mold, fungus, and yeast.
This longevity supplement of ancient alchemists enhances Pineal function.
Works more effectively when combined with our Teslatron therapy which uses high voltage, light and magnetic pulses to clear the Auric fields of entities and other parasitic attachments, so that gold energy can carry healing to fill the Quantum vacuum for long-term protection.

Water is prepared using Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration preparing for the electrolytical nanoparticles of Silver and Gold are generated giving 99.99% pure Ag and Au atoms with no added preservatives. Strength of the solution is 30 ppm, Range of nano-particle size is from monoatomic to 8 nanometres (nm).

For nutritional or chronic maintainance is up to 1/2 oz daily, nominally one teaspoon. For severe conditions, 1 oz every hour. Drink orally, gargle, spray on eyes, wounds, also for pets, plants, and cut flowers. Keep away from magnetic and electric fields. The solution remains sterile at any temperature. For immediate benefit hold the dose in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing.

1 (one) ELECTRUM WATER Lg 250 mL, 8 oz. 1/4 Litre, blue bottle $39.95 CAD (Wholesale), Shipping by Canada Post in Canada, is $12 CAD approximately.


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