Hey There:  Here is the PDF of my Powerpoint presentation about the discovery and research and CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE, a self-generating cymatics device and instrument: http://campbellfoster.ca/interactive/CSM-TIES-PPT-2vlinks0.pdf

Destructions: open PDF and advance slides using  right and left arrows (← & →), or scroll with up and down with same arrows, or scroll.

About Campbell Foster (short Bio)


Fig. 1 Campbell Foster & Fish Phone

Campbell Foster is a Canadian Sonological Researcher, composer, performer, interactive systems designer, educator, entrepreneur, and inventor of the Electroacoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone.

His Sonological Research directive is to discover and research the methods, æsthetics and results of Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis, to interactively deliver and impart the sonological research concepts, methods, techniques and discoveries of feedback synthesis through a Research Blog RS4, sound and media works, field instrument installations, exhibits, lectures and performances for the scientific and æsthetic communities.

About the RS4 Sonological Research Blog

[MP3] Sheet Metal Instrument, QDes (2:11′). Electroacoustic sheet metal feedback phone output recorded at Bruno Degazio Sound.


Fig. 2 The electroacoustic sheet metal feedback phone system instrument on display at the Music Gallery, 1999 (Toronto, Canada)

The Sonological Research Blog RS4 web logs the sonological (sound) research of its author Campbell Foster, inventor of the Electroacoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone,  electroacoustic, and computational feedback synthesis.

For; sound and media researchers, sound synthesists, interaction designers, academic researchers in sound, sound artists, multi-media artists, scientists, and people interested in the nature of form of electroacoustic and computational feedback synthesis and its development.

Posting notes and media generated from the Sonological Research, breakthrough discoveries, original production media, on the milestones.  RS4 stands for “Research Site four”.

 FEATURES of the Sonological Research Blog RS4

Always more to come …