‘Spring Awakening’, 21st March, 2021, Sunday
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Dear Seekers and Beings:

We are holding an online gathering to celebrate the Spring Equinox, and spring awakening.

You are invited to attend via Online.

Please RSVP to Campbell < camfos (at) gmail (.) com > via your email or DM for your attendance.
We will forward you our invitation, and Zoom link for you to join us a few minutes before 7 pm.

ITINERARY for the Event

‘Spring Awakening’

21st March, 2021, Sunday
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Online, HQ Audio, Special Guests

7:00 PM
Gathering & introductions “What I learned during lockdown” audience teaching & introductions

7:30 PM
Ariane Saffron

Ariane Saffron, Galactic Shaman, Quantum Empathic Healer. Specializing in strings of existence & all Claires – art, vibration medicine collaborator, 1 on 1, Galactic Shamanic Healing.

I AM Tomorrow #we
IG/arianesaffron Shop: www.society6.com/arianesaffron

“I would be Honored to Express an open ceremony from the land and cosmic universe <3.” – Ariane

7:30 PM
Mary Ann Sato – ‘Ariyanna’ will grace us with a Spring Solstice Sacred Sound Journey and Pleiadian Energy Transmission to attune us to the energies of Re-birth, Hope and New Growth. The Sound Journey and channelled transmission will use a mix of crystal bowls, tuning forks, GUDA drum, koshi chimes and voice to create a meditative and sacred soundscape as we attune to the powerful Spring Solstice energies available to us. *** More on Ariyanna …

8:00 PM
‘Spring Awakening’ (Premiere) by Campbell Foster for Electroacoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone, Feedback Synthesis, Percussion, acoustic guitar, Online 21st Mar 2021

Campbell Foster – Host, Performer, Energy Guide, founder of PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids, and Reach Within – Health Coaching

Is a Canadian Sonological Researcher, Integrative Health Coach, Sound Therapist and performer, entrepreneur, Pyramid Crystal Healing Practitioner, and inventor of Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback synthesis, The Electroacoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone (in performance), and the CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE. These self-generating instruments produce purely fractal and theraputic soundscapes and sonic events in all sound dimensions. The CSR (‘Pyramidion’) is capable of receiving mental and cosmic energies to the plate (in a quantum vibratory state) coupled to and amplified by a GIZA Pyramid stand and a 48 inch metal cymatic plate, affects the soundscape produced by telekinetic or near / touch interaction with the plate.

8:30 PM
Group Vernal Equinox and spring coherent group meditation to bring peace and self-healing to each, ourselves, and Gaia our mother earth. (45 min) group GAMMA state meditation.

9:15 PM
Group sharing and Blessings for Spring 2021

9:30 PM
Event Fin ||

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