Cam’s Binaural Beats Brain Frequency Suite [CD Album]

PLAYLIST (Excerpts 2:30′ approx) of Cam’s Binaural Beats Brain Frequency Suite [CD]:

Here is a bonus sample track 6:42′ for you to entrain your brain in harmony with universal frequencies like 432 Hz :

432 x 432 = 186624 (The Speed of Light in Mi / Sec.)

Get the whole set of recordings for all Brain Wave frequency state tuning!

Your mind will syncronize its left and right sides and achieve hemisync in all brain wave speeds, for optimal functioning.

This is like tuning a 16 cylinder engine, when all 8 and 8 cylinders are firing at the proper time and in syncronization.  The brain is optimized from waking state (BETA) to DELTA State (Deep Sleep Body Repair).  Awaken Psychic Abilities!

Hemisync states give direct access to the matrix and field and conscious metaphysical states and experiences.


Purchase all Brain Frequency Suite tracks of Quality full-length MP3 files for your use in optimizing brain function and hemisphere syncronization for every brain state.  BETA, BETA, BETAII, ALPHA, THETA, DELTA, GAMMA, EPSILON Brain Frequency binaural beats brain entrainment suite by Campbell Foster, using Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback synthesis.



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