The Electroacoustic Sheet metal Feedback Phone (1995 C.Foster)

The Electroacoustic Sheet metal Feedback Phone (1995 C.Foster). (c) 2021 Toronto ON Canada.

spacey music – OSC

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Jun 8, 2007
Composer Campbell Foster and video artist David Porter presented a composition called “Nebula Remix” at the Ontario Science Centre as part of Fusion 2007. Foster played an “electro acoustic sheet metal phone,” his own invention interfaced with a computer and other components.


“CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE”. 3 Min. Col w Snd, FIlmmaker: Jean-Pierre Joubert, Campbell Foster 2017.

Synopsis: The CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE made it’s debut at TIES (Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium) in 2016.

Self-generating Cymatics Device CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE Interactive Exhibit / Instrument using Electroacoustic Feedback Synthesis.

An interactive Self-generating Cymatics Device using Electroacoustic Feedback Synthesis for Exhibition & Performance

• A four foot diameter interactive Chladni Plate resonator
• Chladni plate produces fractal patterns (IFS) and modified by user
• A true interactive chaotic system instrument producing fractal soundscapes and fractal plate patterns
• Interactive learning insights into; sound nodes and peaks, Chaotic systems interaction, Iterative Function Systems, fractal soundscapes, Chladni plates, feedback sound synthesis, and feedback image synthesis
• Applications: Exhibition, Science Centre, Museum, Physics and Sound Labs, Academic Electroacoustics, Sound Sculpture, Performance
• Creation Spirit Machine is an analog of the Spirit resonating in every man and woman, an eternal fragment of omnipresent Creation.
• Inquiries: Campbell Foster, PYRAMIDION Co., camfos(at)gmail (dot)com,

CSM in Library ACE 2018.jpg, (2560 x 1440 px, 2021 C.Foster)

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