PROSPERITY | Sound Subliminals – RIVER

PROSPERITY – A River of Abundance for You

Change your Life While you Sleep with Sound Subliminals

Toronto, ON: Harness the power of your subconscious mind with suggestion therapies masked by soothing sounds of a mountain river stream. All you need to do is listen! This free MP3 audio track can be downloaded at URL:

PROSPERITY – Sound Subliminals (37 MB, 29 min):

  The subconscious mind runs 95 % of your life habitually, and is not easy to re-program. You can with repetition, affirmations, hypnotism, …, and now subliminal suggestion therapies.

  • Remove subconscious blocks to your unlimited abundance and success

  • Find your true infinite god-self power within for a blessed life

  • Eliminate lack and scarcity in your life

  • Tap your source of Power for greater focus, clarity, health, and new abilities

  • Accept the fulfillment of your desires now

  • Know your source Being as the beginning and end of all manifestation

This is a first release of my Sound Subliminals series to improve my life, and that of others. Asking for listener testimonials and new requests to generate these therapeutic soundscapes.


  • While sleeping, or in a seated, or reclining position, prepare to enter a meditative state

  • Loop playback this MP3 track in your player on low volume over your speakers or headphones, for 30 minutes to 8 hours (while sleeping)

  • Repetition in a natural THETA state reached in sleep or meditation are key

  • You may feel slight residual blocks and fears come up to be easily dissipated and resolved by the suggestion therapy

  • DO NOT operate a vehicle or equipment while playing this MP3 track


Canadian Sonological Researcher Campbell Foster is a sound researcher and therapist, composer, performer, interactive systems designer, educator and inventor of Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis for health and the raising of consciousness. Contact PYRAMIDION via email <> or phone 647-920-7891.




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