Drum Beat Grower 6vb0 [MP3]

🥁 drum beat grower 6vb0.mp3 🥁 with Spectrogram: “Geo” of Computational Feedback synthesis exhibiting naturalist patterns of continuously rising energies.

Fractal Feedback Synthesized audio drum beat using recursive system gives a more humanistic ‘feel’ to the otherwise static and robotic sounding drum machine imitating a human system being of recursive energies, giving a livelier beat using a system ‘energy expenditure’ sensitive sound to feedback loop where drum hit by drummer > more energy expenditure > continuously and in real-time the drum hits then deplete the system energy, which affects the next hit volume, and the tempo of the generated drum hits in the guantum audio feedback loop!

drum beat grower 6vb0.mp3‘, 2.4 MB, 1:43’, 31 Dec 2011

Spectrogram:Searching“, 447 KB, JPG, 1595 x 850 px) Full Size Image:
~ Cf

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