PYRAMIDION Group Life Energy Sessions

PYRAMIDION Group Life Energy Sessions

Date: 11 Dec 2016, Sunday 7 to 9 pm.

Location: 23 Seymour Ave. Toronto ON

Event: Pyramidion Group Life Energy Session, 11 Dec 2016, Event on Facebook –


PYRAMID LIFE ENERGY GROUP SESSION Event. We join again 20 Seekers, in the Pyramidion complex the “META-TRON”, to collectively and individually access in meditation, the life energy within and without; the infinitely powerful energies of the universes’ consciousness itself; creation.

We vividly unite in meditation (guided and non-directed) into the increased life energies of nature drawn by the Pyramidion complex and other meditators, bringing advancements in health & vitality, enlightenment, meditation, longevity, psychic powers, life.

United we connect within to unified energies of nature, and our spirit itself, tapping unlimited quantities of life energy and Qi for healing, comprehension, advisement, and meditation. Seated in the sacred geometric layout, a 21 Pyramidions circle, with powerful crystal spheres, and the spiritual knowledge, a portal to our existence in the etheric multi-verses realm is opened, touching the heart of nature in our pure spirit, and the universe as one.

We meet once a month on Sunday evenings to explore and share this profound connection in high relief using powerful Pyramidions for up to 20 people in a non-religious forum. Bring your issues for health advancements and infinitely intelligent insights from creation via spirit.

7:00 – 7:30 pm – Gathering, Introductions, individual goals of attendance. Seating, form,
7:30 – 8:15 – Meditation Begins, Energy Guiding, Meditation end (45 minutes)
8:15 – 8:30 – Sharing & revelation of experiences in Groups [Teardown of META-TRON]
8:30 – 9:00 – Close, contacts, making new friends.

Bring: Two issues and two divining advisements, a pen and paper, contact information.
Location: 23 Seymour Ave. Toronto, ON M4J 2T3

Directions: Walking: From Donlands subway, walk south across Danforth ave, south, through the park beside the school, south on Condor Ave., turn left or East onto Queen Victoria St., turn right or south onto Seymour Ave, walk south two blocks to 23 and knock at the front.

Driving: South on Jones Ave off Danforth Ave. 5 blocks to Shudell Ave.. Turn left or East onto Shudell, turn right or south onto Seymour, drive 2 blocks and park to 23 Seymour.

Fee for Event: $20 or PWYC,

RSVP request: To insure a spot please contact Campbell Foster 647-920-7891, Tickets for 20 are available, contact to purchase and RSVP.

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