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Profundus Experiencus
Et spiritus in creatura,

Profound experience
The spirit enters into creation,
Not separate.

The 16 Seekers meditated in
the pyramidion complex for 45 min
Matter gone
Spiritus (Life Energy consciousness of the universe itself – creation)

The effect was one of an increase in enlightenment.

The Life Energy surges through the Pyramidion complex from the two Aphophylite origin crystals, supplying unlimited
amount of bio-energy streaming througn the sacred geometric dimensional pyramid complex. The evening of the brightest, closest moon of the century amplified the pyramid and meditators biofields as group assisted by the Pyramidions and the pyramid complex.

A group Mind body spirit pyramids connection to the consciousness of the universe – creation in vast amounts
of Life Energy, infinite intelligence and return to the source aether through our indominable infinite eternal spirit.

Many thanks to all meditotors and Seekers in the group for your appreciation, openness, receptivity, and energy flowing to the experience together. Together with the omnipresent omnipotent life energy of the universe, as one.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kn, Yoga Master, Reiki Master, Channeler

Photos (5) PYRAMID Life Energy Group

– Cf Toronto Ont. 14th Nov 2016