Solar Impulse: Zero-fuel plane lands in Cairo

gettyimages-546827008-6f9119562a7a2ba28886bfe66bdeecf3ed5c6a7a-s600-c85 Pilot of Solar Impulse Andre Borschberg flew over the pyramids before landing

The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has finished its penultimate flight, landing in Egypt’s capital, Cairo.

It took off from the Spanish city of Seville at 04:20 GMT on Monday, taking just over 48 hours to make the trip.

The zero-fuel aircraft is now in the home straight of its bid to circumnavigate the globe.

Its final stop is Abu Dhabi, where the challenge began in March 2015. The two pilots sharing flying duties are each taking one more turn at the controls.

Andre Borschberg did the Seville-Cairo stage, soaring over the pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza before landing.

Video. Solar Impulse Airplane – Leg 16 – Flight Seville to Cairo


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