Inventor Creates new Fractal Chaotic Sound Synthesis, releases Video, CD, Papers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 23 September 2015

Toronto Ontario Canada. A video demo of the new CD Album2 of Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Sound Synthesis is released, ‘Slovakian Sky Watcher‘ from the album ‘JUPITER STORMS‘. Created by Inventor / performer Campbell foster with images by award winning filmmaker Jean-Pierre Joubert.

The soundscape track ‘Slovakian Sky Watcher‘ (6:46’) features an unrelenting drum beat sequence created using feedback synthesis. It expresses the inevitable, layered with strange sky noises recorded sounding like crowds screaming, the earths crust at a breaking point, and War of the Worlds meets Michael Jackson, with our Slovakian commentator interspersed.

Video images of soldiers marching in time, people looking up apprehensively, the fury of Nature, war and its weapons, and ultimately Nature triumphing over mans’ destruction makes a poignant statement reflecting our current world.

Vid 1. Slovakian Sky Watcher, 6:46′ col. w/ snd. 48 KB, HQ, track 1 from CD Album
JUPITER STORMS on Youtube at:

BIO: Campbell Foster is a Canadian Sonological Researcher, Inventor, performer, interactive systems designer, entrepreneur, and project manager. His Sonological Research directive is to discover, research, and promote the methods, æsthetics and results of Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis. URLs: Sonological Research Blog RS4 –, Befriend the Researcher on Facebook –, YouTube/Peace4man –

    1. Slovakian Sky Watcher [Video] from the fall release CD album ‘JUPITER STORMS’, 6:46′. Available at: Slovakian Sky Watcher – (Youtube)
    2. About Campbell Foster: ‘Spacey music’, [Video] 5:08′, by Ontario Science Centre. Available at
    3. JUPITER STORMS [CD] Album available fall 2015 for artwork and bonus track see:
    4. “Origins of Form” (C.Foster, 2015), [Paper] Extended ABSTRACT. Available at:
    5. Press and Research Contact: Campbell Foster, Email: Camfos (at) gmail (dot) com

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