Campbell Foster
Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis

Oct – Sep 2015 Release

JUPITER STORMS CD COVER 5v2b, 1121 x 572 px, 485 KB, [JPG]

Campbell Foster — IDENTIFY

Snd. 1 Track 7 “IDENTIFY” – JUPITER STORMS, 00:09:27, [MP3] Stereo, 192 KBPS, 13 MB, IDENTIFY

IDENTIFY represents my most current æsthetic and technological research work, excerpts of which are presented in my paper “Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis” for TES 2011. The piece arose from an experiment in seeding a computational feedback system and loop. In order to enable system intelligently generated sound phenomenon for further study, a non-interferential approach to the generation and observation of sound phenomenon is used to avoid quantum observational effects and Unintended Consequences.

Listen for Topological mixing of all sound parameters including stereophony, the female voice as Emitter seed value, the Star Trek transporter sound (3:35), Blade Runner soundtrack (8:02), Pitch walkabouts in an overall upward direction, and the interrelated systems behaviour of sound attributes producing fractal sound phenomenon from the tabula rasa feedback loop.

– Program notes & piece premier at Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium 2011,  TIES 2015 — Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (TIES), http://naisa.ca/symposia/toronto-electroacoustic-symposium/symposium-overview/?edition=2015

– Paper “Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis”, C.Foster 2011, CEC, eContact 14.4, http://cec.sonus.ca/econtact/14_4/foster_feedbacksynthesis.html

Cf, Toronto ON, Canada