Fig. 1 Frequency Spectrum UNIVERSI AMORIS 11:56′ 4092 point.

Snd. 1 UNIVERSI AMORIS from the CD album ‘JUPITER STORMS’ and upcoming JUPITER STORMS TOUR 2015. [MP3] 11:56′, 16.3 MB, Open or Download UNIVERSI AMORIS [MP3].

UNIVERSI AMORIS (L. All Love) soundscape bed is generated using Feedback Synthesis techniques. The sound source ’emitter’ is a forest with rain sample.

Sound pitch, time, loudness, stereophony, and reverb are grown using Computational Feedback Synthesis.

A final mastering component of exponential expansion (also a feedback technique) multiplies amplitude to conform more closely to the our biomechanical hearing systems where stimulus is the logarithm of sensation.

– Cf 20 April 2015, Toronto ON Canada