Sound Bath & Health Meditation

Tuesday, 25th August 2020

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST – Online

Hosted by Campbell Foster, Energy & Sound Guide.   Video Invite from the Host: 

ABOUT This Event


Allow yourself to become deeply in tune and in harmony with yourself and the universe with a 45 minute Sound Bath concert of natural live therapeutic soundscapes and sound therapy instruments in HQ 48 Khz Stereo Audio.

We agree on a group intention of Health to a needed area of the group, an individual, world peace, in meditation and prayerful will of the best outcome for each one, humanity, and Gaia (Earth).

Using the CSM (Creation Spirit Machine) cymatics instrument, we will change the live soundscape through our own unified thought energies and develop our psychokinetic powers.


Using live therapeutic soundscapes and binaural beats, the listener is brought from calm waking state to deep THETA state, tuning into and accessing this brain hemi-sync state for access to inner and outer energies of great healing power.

We bring and direct lovingly powerful Health intention energies to people, groups, and issues, unified in group intention and prayerful will, with a minimal soundscape and voice guided meditations.

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  • HQ 48 KHz concert Stereo Audio
  • Practice your Telepathy with the Cymatic CSM
  • Headphones are best for Brain Entrainment

Tuesday, 25th August 2020

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST – Online

Hosted by Campbell Foster, Energy & Sound Guide, PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids, Integrative Health Coach

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THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz

Img 1. THETA CAM – Subconscious State 6.0 Hz

Cams’ Binaural Beats Brain Frequency Entrainment Pieces – THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz:

THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz

Cams’ Binaural Beats Brain
Frequency Entrainment Pieces

THETA – Brain Freq. 6.0 Hz
* Subconscious Mind *

ƒ1= 31.3 Hz (4th Octave 7.83 Shuuman Freq.)
-ƒ2= 25.3 Hz (15.6 * PHI (1.618034))
= THETA: 6.0 Hz

Using Computational & Electroacoustic Feedback Synthesis

THETA State is nominally 4 to 7.5 Hz

To access and synchronize brain hemispheres in the THETA frequencies (6.0 Hz) listen to this soundscape (Subconscious Mind). Headphones are best but ambient listening is also effective to tune up the brain into optimal operation.

What health benefits are THETA binaural beats claimed to have?

* Subconscious brain frequency Entrainment
* Re-program your subconscious beliefs
* Reduced anxiety in subconscious state
* Reduction of Body Awareness, and thinking amounts
* Sleep Benefits in THETA Sleep state
* Increase relaxation
* Foster positive moods & body repair
* Promote creativity
* Help manage pain

BETA CAM – Waking State 23.5 Hz:

_ BETA II CAM – CALM WAKING STATE (Previously Alpha) 15.7 Hz (2nd O:


_THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz – :


_ GAMMA CAM, Gateway to the Superconscious – :

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– Campbell Foster, 10 Dec 2019

THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz –

Thank you for listening to the last “ALPHA CAM” brain state Piece, I redid the titles and Spectrograms as BETA II (Calm Meditative State 15.7 Hz).

Here is THETA CAM – Subconscious Mind 6.0 Hz (11m 11s) to entrain into a THETA Subconscious state. Here is one way you can access and reprogram your Subconscious mind, repetition and affirmations are another (eg. Learning). Note the fractal and scalar self similarity in the Spectrograms.

Can you give us input on applications and results for this THETA soundscape, as I am using it in my practice. ~ Campbell